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Monday, February 20, 2012

God's Anointed Women: You've got to say something!!!

God's Anointed Women: You've got to say something!!!

You've got to say something!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Suit up people of God!

Join us for our 1 year anniversary Celebration with our Pastor Michelle Ragland!
Feb. 25, 2012

For more information follow the link below:
Kingdom Restorers Ministry 1 yr. Anniversary Banquet

Fire in the Whole Conference Nov. 10-12, 2011
Place: Kingdom Restorers Ministry International
November 10-12, we had our three day Women’s Conference. We were blessed to even get several men to visit with us and experience the rain as well. Those of you who have attended we thank you for your participation and, the seeds that you have sow to help this ministry. We pray that you will continue to go forth in God and all that he has called you to do! We pray that you will continue to fellowship with us at future events. This 3 day event went from glory to glory, He started with the fire of Purification, the Seeding of the field and the Refreshing Rain, and then the overflow, the Former and latter rain all at once. Our Awesome Anointed Women of God that brought the word these three days were:

Thur-Pastor Michelle Ragland- KRMI

Fri-Apostle Sharon Thompson- NJHC

Sat-Apostolic Bishop Janice Fontanie- KEPWC

Our Anointed Psalmists:

KRMI Praise Team

Sis. Gloria Evans- CCC

Sis. Deidra Baldwin- CCC

Anointed Dance Ministry:

SSMBC Spiritual Dance Ministry

Thank You to all who made this event a success! To God be the glory!